General Motors

General Motors invented the strongest and cheapest rare earth magnets, the Neodymium. They are made up of the rare earth element Neodymium and other elements, such as iron or boron. They are used every day in our daily lives, including mobile phones, computer hard drives, and defense systems. They are susceptible the oxidation process. You might be curious as to which rare earth magnet is best.

Rare earth magnets possess the highest strength in permanent magnets. Standard magnets produce magnetic fields from.5 to 1. Tesla. Rare earth magnets, however, can produce magnetic fields up to 1.4 Tesla. Sometimes the term “rare earth” can be misleading. Rare earth elements, which are part of the Lanthanide family, are distributed within alloys. Rare earth magnets can withstand oxidation and can be used at high temperatures.

Another rare earth magnet, Neodymium, is also available. These ceramics contain iron oxide (III). However, regular magnets are less reactive than Neodymium. They still have high remanence. They also offer a low product energy. Rare earth magnets have the ability to be made into a variety of shapes. They can also be classified as soft or hard iron ferrites. Rare earth magnets are stronger than regular magnets and can last longer.

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